PT. Permata Mulia Rahardja

Creating Outstanding Interior Since 1989

“We love interior, we do interior is the motto of our brand. Kecintaan kami pada dunia interior adalah kunci kami agar dapat terus fokus berkarya dan berkembang sampai saat ini dan tidak lekang oleh waktu...”

Marco Satyarahardja - Klaudia Karina Halim

KAKA PERMATA has been producing the highest quality furniture for more than 30 years. Aiming to create the finest and most relevant interior design and installations needs for your brand and also living spaces.

We've combine sophisticated design trough any type of style. Using our machinery that ensures high productivity in manufacturing, professional wood and steel working, and detailed craftsmanship to produce something unique.

Our company is reputable in supplying excellent quality display table, bar stool, table, sofa, coffee table and other lose fixtures especially for department store, retail, office, restaurant, bar, cafe, residential, and hotels in almost all over Indonesia.

Our Clients

Among some of our clients include these famous brands:

Why Choose Us?

Our Experiences

With our experiences in our field, we shall give you the best solution for your interior and furniture needs. Equipped with the best machinery that ensures high productivity in manufacturing. Our start-to-end production line is surveyed intensively and continuously upgraded.

Our Expertise

Our machinery has enabled us to handle multiple projects of more than 200-rooms hotels, large department store brand, and thousands of square meters of offices buildings within schedule. Aiming to create the finest and most relevant interior design for you.

Our Design

We are creative and have already travelled the world. Based on the latest trend or what you'd like the most, we are trying to give you both aesthetic and functionality in order to make the most relevant and sophisticated interior and furniture design for you.


Head Office :
Jl. Cukang Galih II,
Curug, Tangerang
Phone: (021) 598-2720